Our Water Park Weekend!

In October Cris and I went to Kalahari, the newest indoor waterpark in the Poconos. Our friends won a stay for one night for four people so we decided to go with them, pay for an extra night and have a fun couples weekend. We had some fun things planned so it was a really enjoyable weekend. One piece of advice though; couples vacations are really fun but spend time away from each other as well as together. Cris and I had a great amount of time just to ourselves but when we look back on our trip we didn’t really see much of our friends past the first day.


We got to Kalahari around 11 am and we were told that check in is usually at 4 pm. We were prepared for them to say that our room wasn’t ready and we’d have to store our luggage in the car and just head to the water park. That wasn’t a horrible option but upon arrival we had a room ready and they were able to check us in. It was an amazing surprise! We got our bracelets which get us into the water park and our room- they reminded me of Magic Bands for anyone out there who is a Disney fan- and we got our vouchers for breakfast and a bunch of activities (we paid for a room package that comes with activities included and we added on breakfast vouchers for the 2 mornings we’d be there). I loved the vibe in the hotel; it was African themed but it had an incredible upscale feel to it that made it enjoyable to stay in. The staff upon check in were incredibly helpful and answered all of our questions.

The rooms were fantastic, they were clean and they were big and considering these room can go for like $400.00 a night, they better be the nicest rooms ever. We had a little balcony with a cute little view. The bathroom was interesting. The sink was by the beds and then there was a separate room for the shower and toilet. My only issue with the room was the space for clothes. There were four of us sharing a room and there was barely enough space for us to put our clothes any where. The boys had to live out of their luggage, something I don’t like to do but they said they were fine with it so it worked for us. Other than the space, the room was wonderful.



This was the balcony view.

There were little activities going on throughout the hotel so while the boys watched some football and relaxed, the girls explored and we found the huge arcade, the restaurants and a cute little area for kids. That little area was having a tie dye shirt making station and for $15.00 you can make your own shirt. We decided that that would be a cute little souvenir so we did it and it came out beautifully. UPDATE: It’s been about a month later though and the colors are starting to fade. After we explored we went to the water park with the boys for a few hours. The water park was fun, even though the water was cold. I didn’t like the lazy river, there wasn’t enough space for more than two tubes floating next to each other so Cris and I got separated because kids were racing in the lazy river. There were some fun rides, one I almost fell off of so I will never go on that ride again but besides that the other slides were fun. There was a hot tub that connected to the outside which was wonderful and we spent some nice B & C time in that hot tub to relax. There was also a pool bar with incredibly over priced drinks. After about 4 hours in the water park we were hungry so we went back to the room and got ready for dinner.


We had a lovely couples dinner that night; I had a great stir fry and when we got back to our hotel we had chocolate covered strawberries and champagne (courtesy of the boys, it came with that package they paid for). I went to sleep around 11pm and the boys went to the casino 10 minutes away. They apparently came back around 2:30 am which wasn’t smart because we woke up around 8:30 am and headed down for some breakfast. We ate at the buffet at the hotel and honestly it was a pretty decent buffet. I had tea and blintzes and yogurt. It was nice, well worth the money we spent on it.


My stir fry!

My favorite part of the whole weekend was what came next. Our room package that we had came with a 3 hour spa voucher and a $50.00 credit for a service. Cris told me to book a massage for myself and then afterwards we would spend time together in the spa because there are things to do that you don’t need to pay for. I got a 25 minute massage which cost me $75.00, minus the credit so I only spent about $25.00 plus tip so around $30.00. Let me tell you, that was the greatest massage of my life. It was so wonderful, I felt so much tension come out of my back and neck and she even massaged my wrists which were injured from my tennis season at school. Do I think it was worth $75.00? Nope. Way too expensive for 25 minutes but still it felt good and I felt relaxed. After I got out of the massage there was Cris waiting for me in the relaxation room and we went into what they called the “tranquility pool” which was really just a large hot tub. It was so nice, they had “experience showers” which were showers that showered you from all different locations and we used the sauna and the steam room. I think what we enjoyed the most though was the balcony. We went out onto this balcony in our robes and we sat on these huge seats for two and we just enjoyed the moment together. It was a great view and it was quiet. Cris even ordered me a mimosa which was a lovely treat (champagne is my favorite alcoholic beverage). It made the day so relaxing, the staff were extremely helpful and pleasant as well.



The Tranquility Pool



The view from the balcony


After the Spa we went to the water park for a little bit and then we had a lovely dinner together just Cris and I at the fancy restaurant in the hotel and it was very nice, super romantic. After that we went to the casino with our friends, which was my first time gambling or even going into a casino. I ended up winning money which made Cris a little bitter since he lost money.


We came back to the hotel and played in the arcade, we won enough tickets so I can get a super cool Justice League pillow. We also played glow in the dark mini golf with our friends. We went to bed around midnight and woke up again at 8:30 am and had breakfast at the nice buffet again. Cris and I went to the waterpark one last time before we had to finish packing and check out. The check out process was really simple, we got our receipt slipped under the door and since there were no charges we signed the receipt and left around 11 am. When we left we drove to a pumpkin festival but since we left on a Tuesday we found out the festival was closed except the hay ride which we went on because we’re big kids and then we drove home.


We had a wonderful weekend with our friends and with each other. If we had to do it again I would and in fact Cris and I would love to go back to Kalahari sometime soon. We recommend it to anyone who wants a lovely hotel with an indoor waterpark. We didn’t feel like we were in a kids hotel, it was a very upscale. Since it is very expensive I would recommend to look on Groupon for deals and also check their website for any deals that they are having on rooms and packages. We’re hoping to go back when they complete their expansion this coming year!



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