Movie Review: Split

I enjoy movie dates. They’re fun albeit expensive (20 bucks for a movie?!?!) but still something Cris and I enjoy doing especially when there’s a movie we both want to see. The trailers for Split  came out and I automatically said “nope, not seeing that movie have a fun guys night”. I don’t like scary movies, anything bloody or gory. Split’s trailer was so scary to me I actually had a nightmare the night that I saw the trailer so that solidified my decision to not see it. Well fast forward to last Thursday when it comes out and our friend who gets discounted movie tickets offers us $8.50 tickets. I reluctantly agreed to go with my boyfriend who I am positive just likes to scare me.

He was extremely excited to see this movie, it focuses on DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) which is a subject he studied a lot in college and is one of the mental disorders he finds fascinating to study. I was not remotely excited to go I was just being a nice girlfriend and not letting my boyfriend be a third wheel with our other couple friends who were going with us.

So the trailer was scarier than the movie, I did not find myself getting scared once throughout this entire film. I was more curious as to where this was going and why it was considered to be a “scary thriller”. There was some bloody and gross parts of the film and I found myself having to look away at one part but that was it. Other than that, I was more interested in this disorder and everything this person was struggling with than the actual content of the movie. Honestly the actor who played the character with the disorder did an amazing job. His acting was amazing to play 24 different personas in one movie. It was absolutely incredible. The movie itself was good, I enjoyed myself and I know my boyfriend was very pleased with the film and found it to be very interesting and true to what this disorder can do. It was a bit over exaggerated in the end but it was for the most part true to form.

Would I recommend this movie? Yeah sure, it wasn’t horrible and it might spark an interest in you that you didn’t know you had. Do I think this movie is a great date night movie? Possibly, it depends on the couple. Would I spend the actual ticket price for this movie? Nope. I only went because tickets were $8.50 and I thought it would be  nice gesture and fun-ish double date. Honestly, if you are interested in this type of film then by all means go for it and see it, there are worse movies out there to waste your money on but if you’re a little bit hesitant, don’t spend 20 plus bucks on this, it wasn’t very thrilling and it wasn’t scary besides that gory part towards the end.