Madam Tussaud’s!

I love museums. I love them so much I can go back multiple times and see the same things and not get bored. I love all kinds of museums, even wax ones. During our weekend in the city, Cris and I went to Madam Tussaud’s; to feel like some real Times Square Tourists, and to fool around and be silly.

So Madam Tussaud’s has a few ticket options; Celebrity, Superhero, and Ghostbusters Dimension. We had the celebrity ticket which goes for $29.00 but we paid $27.00 through our friend who is part of the Board of Ed. You can find deals for this museum online, just do some research. Now when you go in, you start on the 5th floor and work your way down. That floor is all movie star celebrities, and the theme is that you’re at a swanky party. We had fun with this section.

Once you get through that section you’re in the movies section and there were a lot of cool movie scenes. The figures were really cool but I had fun pretending I was in Jurassic Park.

Now from there we go into the TV shows, news broadcasts, etc. This was fun, especially the TV screens and seeing ourselves on TV the interactiveness of this section was great! There was a Jimmy Fallon area and the music in that section was so cool. You feel extremely immersed into the sections that you see.

Once we got through that section it was the whole political, diplomatic section. Here you can meet the Obama’s, Popes, the Royals, the first President and our current President: Donald Trump. The line to take a picture with that figure wasn’t long but we are in New York so that wasn’t something I thought was weird. This is my least favorite section because for some reason these figures don’t look as real but the photo op’s are great. It’s a love hate relationship with this section.


Hanging out with The Royal Family.

Now from here we get into the newest section which is Ghostbusters. This was interesting, it was scary but not too scary and the special effects were cool. You had to walk through a haunted house like hallway to keep going through the museum so I fast walked and it was fine. Behind me though some teenage girls got the crap scared out of them they screamed so loud. I was curious but not enough to go back and find out what it was that scared them.


The details in this section were really cool

Then we get to what I think is Cris’ favorite part, the Marvel section! We saw the 4D movie simulator which was cute, and it reminded me of It’s Tough to be a Bug in Disney’s Animal Kingdom but like really short. You do get sprayed with some water, so if thats a weird pet peeve of yours, then you may want to skip this. Before the film we took some pictures with the wax figures from the movies.


Hulk caught me….

Once the movie was over, we went down stairs to the final floor and the first part of the floor was the sports section. We saw Eli Manning, Serena Williams, Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony and then a few other athletes. It was a really small area but it was actually one of my favorite sections.

Finally the last section is the music stars section and they had the Jonas Brothers… without Nick… this was a serious problem for me. They also had Selena Gomez, Kanye, Beyonce, Rihanna and many others including Taylor Swift! This section is my least favorite because the figures look absolutely nothing like the people in my opinion. It was interesting. From that section, there was a gift shop where you can view some of the random photos taken during your time in the museum and then you exit.


This is supposed to be Taylor Swift… I don’t see it.

I love this museum, I go once every few years and I haven’t been here since I was in high school. I did however go to the Madam Tussaud’s in LA which I thought was so fun! Each museum has differences and overlapping elements. I do think if you have never been and you live in New York or are visiting, you should check it out. If you’ve been once then maybe spend the money somewhere else but every few years you should see whats new. They are currently under construction so in a few years I’ll have to come back for some more wax fun!


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