As I mentioned once, I love museums. All types. So naturally, when we went to have our weekend in Times Square we also decided a trip to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium was on our list of things we wanted to do. I have been and Cris hasn’t so he was interested in all the weird things they have there and it very rarely changes so I was a bit bored with it. If it’s your first time though, you are going to really have fun.

Ripley’s Tickets go for $23.96 and we got our tickets for $21.00 through our friend. The museum is 2 floors and we really spent time in there but you could easily do this in an hour. We spent about 2 hours in there just really having fun and looking at everything. The first floor had some odd things, like the heaviest person ever, tallest man in the world, the weird side show people etc.

When you go upstairs there are a series of rooms with all kinds of weird things inside.The best room was the room with the Moose Head. I had a lot of fun in that room and it was probably the most fun to sit around in. The worst rooms was the one with the cockroaches and the torture room. These rooms were all about creepy bugs and the different kinds of torture devices that were used in the olden days. Cris enjoyed the torture room and spent a lot of time in here because it was fascinating to him what the methods of punishment were in different times. It was a form of punishment to me, to have to be in that room for longer than 5 minutes. But there was a funny photo op in that room which makes my displeasure worth it.


As you make your way through all of the rooms you get to the black hole which is such a mind screwing experience. You walk through and you feel like you’re flipping upside down. It’s the coolest part of the entire museum. Cris went through like 5 times and I was only able to go through once. After the black hole there’s only  a few things left to see and their gift shop is under construction so it get’s bland after.

I have been to another Ripley’s in LA and I have to say the NYC one is a lot better! If you have already been to Ripley’s in NYC then you may not want to go again because things don’t really change but if you have never been I definitely recommend this as something you should see. All the things they talk about are real so you may just learn a thing or two!


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