Week 3!

Alright, we are officially at the halfway point! I have done 3 weeks of no soda and it’s a struggle. I almost cracked today when I saw a can of Pepsi and I quickly grabbed a water and ran away from the fridge. Let’s see some points I have noticed since quitting soda outright:

  1. I haven’t really lost weight, I’m at the same weight as last week.
  2. Energy levels are a little different I’m not as tired as I always feel, I’m skeptical that it has anything to do with soda.
  3. I feel overall healthier, I always feel bad after drinking soda, especially since I used to drink soda at 9 am which is terrible. Now I feel lighter and less guilty.
  4. I think my teeth are healthier, they don’t hurt like they used to when I would always drink soda.

So as of week 3, I am less tired, same weight as last week, energy levels are higher and I feel healthier so it looks like this has been a good idea! Until next week!



Week 2!

Another week, another update! It’s becoming easier to not want soda although the last couple of days I really just wanted to grab a glass and chug it as fast as I could. My energy levels are not doing anything, I am still tired all the time and that’s probably because I have a lot of stuff going on for school. I lost 2 pounds but idk if that really has anything to do with the soda. Cris on the other hand cracked and got fast food and is now just focusing on not drinking soda which he’s been doing really well with. We went to see Beauty and the Beast and instead of getting me a soda he got me a slushy which was really cute of him because he knows I love popcorn and soda. The slushy was a really nice alternative.

Next week will be week 3 we will officially be halfway done with Lent!

Week 1

So I posted a little over a week ago that for Lent I was giving up soda and Cris was giving up fast food. Here’s an update on how we’re doing:

  • I haven’t had any cravings for soda, I just envy the people drinking it around me
  • I substituted soda for grape juice, seltzer, or water
  • Cris is fine, just always hungry while he works because fast food is his only option on the road.
  • I gained a pound since giving up soda
  • My energy levels have decreased significantly due to either the lack of sugar or caffeine

It’s not going horribly but this is definitely something hard to do especially since I have been drinking soda for a very long time. I’ll update again next week, it should be interesting, we’re going to a movie (who can have popcorn without soda?!?!)

Little Experiment!

March 1st marked the first day of Lent for those who practice the Catholic faith. We’re supposed to give up something we love for 40 days. Well, every year I give something up and it’s always something I am accustomed to either eating or drinking or doing every single day and I always crack about a week in.

I drink soda like no one’s business. I drink maybe 5 glasses a day, my drink of choice when I’m out is Rum and Coke. I keep getting lectured by everyone around me about how bad soda is and how I shouldn’t drink it like I do anymore because it’s going to kill me and I haven’t had any motivation to give it up until now.

Not only will I be giving up soda for Lent (Cris is giving up soda and also fast food) but I want to see if weight and also energy is tied directly to soda consumption. Each week I will check in about how the no soda thing is going for me and Cris’ no fast food or soda is going for him and also if I noticed any weight loss between the two of us. I’m also going to track my energy levels throughout the week and make a final conclusion based on this little Lent experiment.

It’s day 2, I haven’t craved soda like I usually do, I’ve been drinking lots of water and iced tea and this morning I woke up with super oily skin so I need to do a face mask tomorrow to get that under control. Other than the oily skin, my energy levels are pretty much the same and I haven’t had any kind of caffeine withdrawal yet. We’ll see how the week goes!