Week 1

So I posted a little over a week ago that for Lent I was giving up soda and Cris was giving up fast food. Here’s an update on how we’re doing:

  • I haven’t had any cravings for soda, I just envy the people drinking it around me
  • I substituted soda for grape juice, seltzer, or water
  • Cris is fine, just always hungry while he works because fast food is his only option on the road.
  • I gained a pound since giving up soda
  • My energy levels have decreased significantly due to either the lack of sugar or caffeine

It’s not going horribly but this is definitely something hard to do especially since I have been drinking soda for a very long time. I’ll update again next week, it should be interesting, we’re going to a movie (who can have popcorn without soda?!?!)


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