Week 2!

Another week, another update! It’s becoming easier to not want soda although the last couple of days I really just wanted to grab a glass and chug it as fast as I could. My energy levels are not doing anything, I am still tired all the time and that’s probably because I have a lot of stuff going on for school. I lost 2 pounds but idk if that really has anything to do with the soda. Cris on the other hand cracked and got fast food and is now just focusing on not drinking soda which he’s been doing really well with. We went to see Beauty and the Beast and instead of getting me a soda he got me a slushy which was really cute of him because he knows I love popcorn and soda. The slushy was a really nice alternative.

Next week will be week 3 we will officially be halfway done with Lent!


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