Week 3!

Alright, we are officially at the halfway point! I have done 3 weeks of no soda and it’s a struggle. I almost cracked today when I saw a can of Pepsi and I quickly grabbed a water and ran away from the fridge. Let’s see some points I have noticed since quitting soda outright:

  1. I haven’t really lost weight, I’m at the same weight as last week.
  2. Energy levels are a little different I’m not as tired as I always feel, I’m skeptical that it has anything to do with soda.
  3. I feel overall healthier, I always feel bad after drinking soda, especially since I used to drink soda at 9 am which is terrible. Now I feel lighter and less guilty.
  4. I think my teeth are healthier, they don’t hurt like they used to when I would always drink soda.

So as of week 3, I am less tired, same weight as last week, energy levels are higher and I feel healthier so it looks like this has been a good idea! Until next week!



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