Weeks 4 and 5

There is one more week left of Lent and that means one more week that I have to give up soda. I gained like 4 pounds but I highly doubt that was due to the seltzer I’m drinking in place of soda and mostly due to the fact that it’s Girl Scout Cookie season and my grandma gave me three boxes of Thin Mints. Everyone is shocked I lasted this long especially going to the movies twice and down to Atlantic City last weekend. It was really tough in AC to be at dinner and drink seltzer when my friends all had soda that looked so sweet and wonderful and it made me so sad. I feel good, I feel like I detoxed my body but I still miss soda. My energy levels are all over the place but that’s definitely due to my semester in school than my lack of soda.

I have one week left and then we will see if I even can drink soda after these 6 weeks.