Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

It is no secret that I am a huge Disney fan. I grew up watching every princess movie and I was every princess for Halloween. When it was announced that there was going to be a live action Beauty and the Beast movie made, I was so ecstatic. When I found out Emma Watson would be Belle I became much more ecstatic. I am huge fan of hers and all that she does to help the environment and her part in the fight for women’s equality. So, my boyfriend took me to see Beauty and the Beast the day it came out and spoiler: I loved it so much, I went to see it again with my mom and little brother about a week later!

Let’s talk about the singing first and address what everyone was worried about. I thought Emma played Belle perfectly and as a trained vocalist I appreciated her voice for what it was and it’s okay that it wasn’t this outstanding and amazing voice. I thought her voice fit the character phenomenally and it made the movie special to me. Josh Gad as usual is the spotlight stealer with his amazing voice and his amazing acting skills. I liked his LeFou better than the animated version’s. My favorite song was definitely Gaston, it was so fun especially with the musical interlude and I admit I listen to it on repeat on my way to school sometimes. I did feel like maybe there was one or two songs that just seemed extra but it didn’t ruin the movie for me, it was still very lovely.

The movie flowed tremendously adding bits and pieces to the film to bridge gaps in the animated classic. I personally loved the additions to the film scene wise and I thought it helped the movie stand alone and separate itself from a “revival” of the animated movie. I enjoyed every aspect of this movie and I cried- both times- because of how amazing it was and how magical it felt. I was so moved by how wonderful the film was that it reminded me how much I loved this movie as a kid and how much I looked up to Belle and all the princesses for the strengths that they show. Belle was so smart and so independent and I alway find myself wanting to be as smart and independent as Belle, even now.

I completely recommend seeing this movie if you can still see it in theaters but if not you should definitely get it on DVD or Netflix and watch it and enjoy something truly wonderful. Through all the skepticism about this movie it honestly was a fantastic movie.


Week 6 and an Overall Review

So Lent has come and gone and that means my soda ban has come and gone. I will say that going those 6 weeks actually helped me cut the habit of having to have at least 4 glasses of soda a day and I do feel healthier. This did not help me with weight gain or loss nor did it contribute to energy levels and that is probably due to the fact that I am a college student who is currently in the final weeks of the semester and dealing with all the stresses and late night studying that goes with being a college student during finals. However, I have only had soda a total of 3 times since being able to drink it again and one of those times I ended up getting insanely sick to my stomach and I have a feeling that the diet soda I had was to blame. The other times I just felt bad about myself after drinking it.

I want to encourage people to try and quit things that are harmful to you like drinking soda. I have been trying to live a healthier and clean life because of this and it’s working so even though its not easy at first and there were days I wanted to crack, I have to say that it feels good to quit doing something I know isn’t good for me.