New York faces off!

I grew up in a family that is predominately male, I mean I have three brothers. Growing up, sports were always part of my life. If I wasn’t playing them I was watching them. That being said there are a few sports I just can’t watch and have no interest in like golf, basketball, soccer… rugby etc. So when I found out that my boyfriend wanted to go to a basketball game I was reluctant because to me that sounds about as fun as stabbing myself in the eyes. I caved though and I scored Knicks vs. Nets tickets and gave them to him for Christmas.

First off, Knicks tickets are expensive no matter what and I’ll never understand it. The tickets I got for the game were at the Barclays Center and they cost me a little over $100. I thought they’d be pretty decent seats when I was looking at the map but once I showed up I was a little disappointed in the seats. They could have been closer for the amount I paid but if I were to go to Madison Square Garden and get tickets for that game, the price for even worse seats is 3 times as expensive. So if you’re on a budget and you know someone who wants to see a New York basketball team play, get the tickets for a Barclays game. Now, if my boyfriend was a Nets fan and he wanted to see the Nets play anyone I could have probably gotten better seats for less money but the Knicks price hike everything so that was a bummer.


Our View from our seats

I think Barclays Center is a nice facility, the workers are nice, and while the lines are misleading, getting in takes like 10 minutes tops even with the metal detector and having to empty your pockets going into the detector. Once you’re inside you can’t leave and come back, so if you’re hungry you have to eat the food there and the food is really expensive. Knowing this we ended up getting dinner before the game across the street at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was such a good meal. Wings, and nachos and all kinds of good but unhealthy foods you want to eat before a sports game. We were satisfied with the food and left with 30 minutes to game time.


We went up an escalator to get to our section and our seats were a view of the side line. I do like to point out that Barclays has no bad seats. You’ll always be able to have a good view but it’s just a matter of how close you are to the court. It felt like everyone there was a Knicks fan because there was more cheering for the Knicks the entire game than the Nets.


Go Knicks!

Surprisingly, the game went by extremely fast and I felt like we had only been sitting for 10 minutes when half time rolled around. I was tempted to get up and find myself some cotton candy or popcorn but I knew the lines would take forever. The game was over before I knew it and we left with 9 seconds left in the game so we could beat the crowds leaving right when the game ended. It was a close game, the final score being 95-90 Knicks winning. They came back from being down almost 20 points so that was exciting. Seeing the joy in Cris’ face and joining him on this little outing was so much fun and totally worth the lousy seats for the high price. I even enjoyed myself more than I thought I would so it was a fun experience overall. The next time I go and get him sports tickets though, it will be to a football game because that would be an exciting adventure.


We left soon after this time out ended.