Week 6 and an Overall Review

So Lent has come and gone and that means my soda ban has come and gone. I will say that going those 6 weeks actually helped me cut the habit of having to have at least 4 glasses of soda a day and I do feel healthier. This did not help me with weight gain or loss nor did it contribute to energy levels and that is probably due to the fact that I am a college student who is currently in the final weeks of the semester and dealing with all the stresses and late night studying that goes with being a college student during finals. However, I have only had soda a total of 3 times since being able to drink it again and one of those times I ended up getting insanely sick to my stomach and I have a feeling that the diet soda I had was to blame. The other times I just felt bad about myself after drinking it.

I want to encourage people to try and quit things that are harmful to you like drinking soda. I have been trying to live a healthier and clean life because of this and it’s working so even though its not easy at first and there were days I wanted to crack, I have to say that it feels good to quit doing something I know isn’t good for me.


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